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Duck Hunting is an experience that is full of sights and sounds. If you can't be out there doing it the next best thing is to still experience it through high quality video. That is what we are all about. DuckHunt.TV brings you the best Duck Hunting shows and independent video of Duck Hunting anywhere... period. Countless hours can be spent trying to watch our entire collection. It is a great way to kill some time between hunts or during the off season.

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Field Proven Calls is a small family company that has established a reputation for building some of the world’s most effective duck, goose and turkey calls. Their calls have captured countless World, Regional and State Calling Championships. It is the call of choice for hardcore hunters and guides all across the globe. “Fall Season with Field Proven Calls” is a series of shows that take an inside look into the lives of unique people who live and breathe waterfowl and turkey hunting. You will experience unique hunts, learn valuable tips, and most of all…meet people across the country that are just like you. Fall Season is a show unlike any other - meaning their format will evolve with what the viewers want to see. Every episode will be unique in content and format, so sit back, relax and get ready to experience Fall Season with Field Proven Calls.

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